No, you can only use one email to signup .in case you faced any issues please contact technical support to solve the issues immediately .. 

Yes, the customer can book more than one model using the same account, and the customer will receive a call from one of our representatives to ensure that the data is entered correctly 

الوكالة لاتقبل حجوزات لعيادات التجميل نهائي 

The customer can perform the password recovery process himself. If he encounters any problems in the self-recovery procedure, he can contact customer service to request assistance.

There is no option to pay in cash. Reservations are accepted and confirmed only through the approved payment gateway within the application

Ensure that the data entered is correct. In the event of a recurrence of the problem, please contact the technical support team

Yes, the customer can cancel the reservation an hour before the reservation and refund the amount after deducting the cancellation value. In the event that the customer does not wish to cancel, the rescheduling option can be used, and this option is available to the customer three days before the reservation date

In the event that the model does not respond an hour before the reservation period and confirms the appointment through the chat in the application, the customer must communicate with customer service immediately, long enough before the reservation date to communicate with the model or replace him or her  for the customer, according to the required specifications.

Yes, there is a license for audiovisual media advertising offices, marketing offices and advertising agencies linked to the company's commercial register, which allows
The practice of activities related to the design and implementation of commercial, editorial, illustrated, drawn and speaking advertisements, the issuance of calendars, notebooks, commercial and economic guides, service guides, gifts and the like, as well as the preparation and implementation of marketing campaigns related to goods and services, as well as advertising facilities. Marketing and advertising that promotes merchandise, goods or services through audio and visual media. This includes: Supervising customers' accounts on social networking sites and similar services

Payments are accepted after approving the ads request by making a  bank transfer to the company's own account.

Initial communication by the client with the advertising team through the means of communication in the application and the website.

Complete data about the customer is requested to verify the reliability of the customer and his products within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Checking the advertisement's approval of the conditions of the General Commission for Audiovisual Media.

Determine the desired period and date for placing the advertisement.

Send the desired advertising post.

The advertisement is published after the bank transfer and receipt is sent.