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First / Terms and Conditions of Use

Welcome to monrolegacy

We thank you for visiting our website, through which we aim to harness our expertise and efforts in the fashion industry and managing fashion shows to empower commercial establishments and fashion models of all categories, ages and genders.
Through us, establishments can achieve and meet their marketing and promotional needs by connecting them with fashion and fashion models in the Arab world.

Please note that your use of this “Platform” constitutes your acceptance and acknowledgment of all terms, conditions and terms of use, and confirmation of your compliance with and compliance with them, and if you do not agree to any of these terms; You are required to leave the platform and not benefit from any of its services or contents in any way whatsoever, and we are entitled to amend the terms, conditions and policies from time to time at our absolute discretion, and in accordance with the regulatory legislation that occurs in the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these amendments shall be effective when Publish it in the updated and amended form or send it to you, and your use of the Platform after posting any changes, modifications or notifications constitutes your express consent to be bound by its revised form

who are we
A leading Saudi company, one of the pioneers in the fashion industry and fashion show in the Arab world and the Middle East. We conduct our business under a commercial registry registered with the Ministry of Commerce in the name of First Model Business Services Company, register (1010695913), and registered with the General Authority for Zakat and Income Tax with a distinctive number: 3108981736

The above preamble is considered an integral part of this agreement, as you will find below the definitions and phrases to denote the terms used in this agreement:
Platform: http://monrolegacy.com/ar
User: The person who registers on the platform to benefit from the

services of the platform that is limited to linking with fashion and fashion models
Platform services: (booking appointments, advertisements, etc.)
Our services:
Receiving and confirming appointment requests
Providing a variety of electronic payment method
Providing paid advertising spaces (the controls and requirements of which are determined by the platform) independently

: General Terms and Conditions of Use
Not to use the platform or any of its contents to carry out operations in violation of the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and any of the government agencies that have the authority to supervise and monitor local trade services and the regulations and provisions of e-commerce and intellectual property, and if this is proven, you fall under the legal and regulatory responsibility and bear it in full
 We reserve the right to suspend and cancel accounts in connection with any fraudulent or suspicious activity or misuse of the Service.
Your account with the platform and your password is your full responsibility. If there are reasons that prevent you from accessing it, please contact us and inform us immediately.
You must check the suitability of your request before starting the booking process or ordering any of the Platform's services.
All data and information registered by you on the platform must be correct and regular, and you bear full responsibility in the event of a violation.
You must use only one account and in case of any technical difficulties please contact us immediately.
All terms and conditions and all services provided by us are subject to the laws, regulations and instructions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including but not limited to e-commerce, intellectual property, zakat, tax, customs and others.
The norms and customs prevailing in the Saudi society in particular and the Arab society in general must be taken into consideration.
You may not sub-assign in any way any order or service made through the Platform, except with our prior written consent.
All communications and correspondence with the exhibitor shall be through the platform in order to ensure the quality of work and to preserve the rights of all parties.
The prices shown on the platform - if any - are approximate and depend entirely on the details of the project or event before approval and confirmation of the reservation.
Promotional Offers: Any promotional and marketing offers - if any - that we implement or advertise, are limited to short periods, and may vary from time to time and are subject to additional and new terms and conditions and are subject to our absolute discretion in accordance with the approval of the official authorities

Timings and dates: The times, dates and details agreed upon after the final approval must be fully adhered to in general, and the provisions of emergency circumstances and force majeure shall be applied according to what will be clarified within these clauses.
You must verify the readiness of the project/event/event and use all efforts to assist the bidder in carrying out its work.
Contractual relationship: Using or visiting the platform and benefiting from its services does not authorize the belief, interpretation or interpretation in any way that a partnership, agency or joint venture relationship with the customer is established in any way or an unrestricted use license

Continuity of enforceability: All provisions shall remain in effect and produce their legal and legal effects, and if any provision becomes void, unenforceable or unclear, such cancellation, unenforceability or lack of clarity will not affect the rest of the other provisions and provisions

 : Requisition and reservation mechanism
In order to provide services that meet your needs in a professional manner, the service request mechanism goes through several stages 
according to the following 
Presentation stage: Before completing the booking process, please check your choice of order and see all the details that correspond to your needs, for example: available dates, model, type of advertisement or event, etc., and submit the initial request.
Examination stage: Our team will examine your application, make sure of all the required details, and contact you to approve the application.
Final acceptance stage: You will be provided with an electronic invoice that includes financial fees, service fees, travel and accommodation (if any) and any other details.
Payment and approval: The validity of the invoice is directly from the date of its issuance, and you will be notified of the approval of the application immediately upon payment.

Order cancellation policy
You can cancel the application without incurring any fees or fines with a full refund of the amounts paid by you, in the event that the cancellation request is submitted at least 1 working day before the specified date, taking into account the mechanism used for submitting the cancellation request - described below - and the time period To return the amount to your account by Saudi banks
 Part of the amount will be deducted and you are not entitled to a refund of this amount. The cancellation fee paid if the cancellation request is submitted on the same working day, but you can amend the application in accordance with the amendment and change policy

Order modification and change policy
In the event that you wish to amend and change the booking request, whether by presenting or delaying the date, changing the model’s gender or choosing another model, we would like to note the following
In our website, we are keen to achieve the desire of our customers as much as possible, and we would like to note the need to inform us of the emergency modification to the request  manually via contacting our team at least 3 days in advance so that we can amend in the event that it is not possible to change the date through the application.
We are working to verify the possibility of accepting the request to change the model on the date specified by you in accordance with the available dates without guaranteeing the result.
We are pleased to receive amendment requests via the e-mail designated for this purpose, with the need to attach all the data shown below.
 72 hour  The modification request is only available once
Please contact the selected model through the in-app chat and make sure that she is available on the new date and time, agree with her, and then finally approve the request for modification.
Mechanism for cancelling and modifying requests:
Please contact us via the e-mail designated for that @ MLCS. We would also like to note the necessity to include in the request: the invoice or reservation number - the required process (cancellation - modification) - the reason for the cancellation or modification, taking into account the specified time periods. 
Force majeure and emergency circumstances
We are keen to comply with all the details of your request, but we may encounter difficulties beyond our control in fulfilling your request, and among these difficulties are the following:
Sudden health and disease states of the exhibitor.
Deaths and accidents.
Cancellation, postponement or rescheduling of flights.
and others
In all cases, neither party shall be liable for losses, damages, delays or non-performance as a result of force majeure (acts beyond the control of all parties) whether that action can be foreseen such as legislative, regulatory or technical changes or unexpected such as interruption of communication service or power outage and others
In the event of any of these cases - God forbid - we will make sure to inform you immediately and clarify the alternative options available as much as possible.

intellectual property
All contents of the platform and our services are subject to the provisions of intellectual property regulations, whether contents, services, products, images, designs or files in all their forms and images are protected and you are not entitled to infringe on any of them in any way, whether by copying, cutting, modifying, changing, publishing or reproducing or resell any of them in any way without written consent from us.
Legal and legal reference:
This agreement and the terms and conditions related to it in all its aspects are subject to the provisions and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We work hard to resolve any issues you encounter as soon as possible. Any disputes or controversies related to these Terms of Use or any of our policies and provisions, including any related non-contractual rights or duties, shall be settled by the Saudi arbitration system or the competent judicial authorities in the city (Riyadh) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.